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where you can enjoy the delicious farmhouse Food and the pleasures of mountail village Life in the snow country of Niigata.


 An old farmhouse in Tamugi Village, tucked away in a rural suburb of Joetsu City in Niigata Prefecture, the guesthouse of Farmstay Ushidaya is the perfect retreat for travelers with a liking for the Japanese countryside and sustainable living. Because we cater for only one party at a time, you can enjoy country life in a setting of quiet relaxation.

 As a couple, we moved to this area in 2016 to become a rice farmer. As well as running our guesthouse, which is a lovely old farmhouse and our home, we grow rice using spring water from the mountains, avoiding pesticides as much as possible. In the spring of 2020, our daughter was born and we became a family of three.

 The 100-year-old farmhouse is characterized by its high ceilings and beautiful dark wooden beams. In areas with heavy snowfall, beams like these are essential because they allow the house to bear the weight of the snow that blankets the roof throughout the winter.


 The farmhouse has two guest rooms on the second floor, a dining room, a living room, a bathroom, and other common areas. There is also a combined library and music room with more than 1,000 books, a piano, ukulele and guitar, and puzzles for families with small children. Don’t hesitate to enjoy these and make yourself feel at home.

Place to See & What to Do during your stay.

 The area around Tamugi Village is dotted with numerous notable spots that you’re sure to want to visit. There are the art installations of the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, the terraced rice paddies of Hoshi-Toge, and the Matsunoyama Hot Springs, one of the three most therapeutic hot springs in Japan. There are bicycles to rent, too, allowing you to explore every highway and byway of the surrounding area at your leisure.


 However you choose to spend your time, you’ll be able to enjoy the country life of Niigata to your heart’s content during your stay with us. So please visit us and experience the joys of daily life here in Tamugi, the place we love and call home.

Delicious and Traditional Cuisine Experience.

 Ushidaya is certified by Joetsu City as an establishment that stays true to the concept of “local production for local consumption”. We serve dishes that let you enjoy the unique foods of the Niigata region to the fullest—foods you can taste only here, such as sansai, which are locally harvested wild mountain vegetables, fresh seasonal farm produce, traditional preserved foods, and local brewed Sake.


 You’ll also be able to savor our homegrown Niigata Koshihikari rice, freshly cooked with a very traditional (and eco firendly!) tools and served piping hot. Not only is it pleasing to the palate because of its ideally glutinous texture but, with its eye-catching luster, it’s also a delight to look at.

 If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, it’ll be our pleasure to prepare dishes that are completely to your taste. And if you have a food allergy, we’ll make sure that everything you eat is safe. Whatever your food needs or preferences, just let us know when you make your reservation.

Unique Experiences.

 We offer many different activities to enhance your enjoyment of the surrounding Japanese countryside. If you love nature, you can have fun cultivating rice in our rice paddies, acquaint yourself with Tamugi Village and its magnificent beech forest, or take the Hoshi-touge Sunrise Tour. If you love culture, we can arrange tours of the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale in the Matsudai and Matsunoyama areas for you—and one of us (the owner, Nori) can be your English-speaking guide if you need one, so don’t hesitate to ask us. And when you’re indoors, you can try your hand at making sasadango, the traditional sweets of Niigata, or exercise your creativity with rice straw craft.

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[STAY FEE]-overnight house rental-
33,000 yen + 2,200 yen/pp (incl. tax)
MAX 6 person
10%OFF from 2nd night!
WIFI & Train station Pick-up for FREE.
Credit card Acceptable.

[ACTIVITIES]-price with per person-
Traditional rice cooking for Dinner and Breakfast 2,750 yen
Village guide walk 1,500 yen
Hoshi-touge Sunrise Tour 2,000 yen
For more details, please feel free to ask from the Inquiry form below!